Text Version of CPBST Interactive Map

Below you will find a web accessible, text version of our Community Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Training (CPBST) Program Map. It provides summary reports, where available, for each workshop proceeding, as well as ideas identified during the process and recommendations for pedestrian/bicycle safety projects, policies, and programs.

2022 South Stockton

South Stockton Summary and Recommendations Report

2022 Fort Jones

Fort Jones Community Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Training Summary and Recommendations Report

2022 Fillmore

Fillmore Summary and Recommendations Report

2022 Harvard Elementary School, Hollywood

Harvard Elementary School, Hollywood, Los Angeles Summary and Recommendations Report

2022 Southwest Fresno

Southwest Fresno Follow-Up Training: Recruitment Outreach Strategy Training Follow-Up Technical Assistance

2022 Fowler

Fowler Follow-Up Training: Safety Messaging and Street Story Campaign Training

2022 El Cerrito and Richmond Annex

El Cerrito and Richmond Annex Recommendations

2022 Woodward Park Neighborhood, Fresno

Woodward Park Neighborhood, Fresno Recommendations 

2022 Altadena

Altadena Train the Trainer Walking and Biking Assessment

2022 Mariposa Neighborhood, Vacaville Mariposa Neighborhood, Vacaville Recommendations
2022 Castro Valley Castro Valley Follow-Up Training: Pedestrian and Bicycle Counts
2021 Koreatown Koreatown Recommendations 
2021 South LA South LA Recommendations 
2021 Central LA Central LA Recommendations
2021 West Fresno West Fresno Recommendations
2021 South Market Street (SR-273), Redding South Market Street (SR-273), Redding Recommendations
2021 North Long Beach North Long Beach Recommendations: English / Spanish 
2021 El Sereno El Sereno Recommendations
2021 Los Angeles Historic State Park, Chinatown Los Angeles Historic State Park, Chinatown Recommendations: English / Chinese
2021 Calipatria Calipatria Recommendations
2021 Placentia Placentia Follow-Up Safety Training: summarizes follow-up safety training event for former CPBST site La Jolla, Placentia (2020). 
2021 Madera Madera Recommendations: English / Spanish 
2021 Lancaster Lancaster Biking Assessment: summarizes follow-up biking assessment event for former CPBST site Lancaster (2019). 
2021 United Parents for Educational Justice (UPEJ) UPEJ Community Action Planning Report: summarizes follow-up workshop for Boyle Heights (2020, 2019), South Los Angeles (2019) and Watts (2019) former CPBST workshop sites. English / Spanish
2021 Empire Empire Recommendations
2021 Castro Valley Castro Valley Recommendations
2020 Pico Aliso, Boyle Heights Pico Aliso, Boyle Heights Recommendations: English / Spanish
2020 Fowler Fowler Recommendations: English / Spanish
2020 Adelanto Adelanto Recommendations : English / Spanish
2020 James Marshall Elementary, Modesto James Marshall Elementary, Modesto Recommendations: English / Spanish
2020 Cambodia Town, Long Beach Cambodia Town, Long Beach Recommendations: English / Khmer
2020 Costa Mesa Costa Mesa Recommendations
2020 Placentia Placentia Recommendations: English / Spanish
2020 San Leandro San Leandro Recommendations
2020 Santa Rosa Santa Rosa Recommendations
2020 South Merced South Merced Recommendations: English / Spanish
2020 Victorville Victorville Recommendations: English / Spanish
2019 Foothill Farms Foothill Farms Recommendations
2019 Muscoy Muscoy Recommendations: English / Spanish
2019 South Los Angeles South Los Angeles Recommendations: English / Spanish
2019 Boyle Heights Boyle Heights Recommendations: English / Spanish
2019 Watts Watts Recommendations
2019 Blue Lake Rancheria Blue Lake Rancheria Recommendations
2019 Mt. Vernon-Bakersfield Mt. Vernon-Bakersfield Recommendations: English / Spanish
2019 Planada Planada Recommendations: English / Spanish
2019 Santa Monica Pico Neighborhood Santa Monica Pico Neighborhood Recommendations
2019 Turlock Turlock Recommendations: English / Spanish
2019 Azusa Azusa Recommendations
2019 Lancaster Lancaster Recommendations
2018 Huntington Beach/Westminster Huntington Beach/Westminster Recommendations: English/Spanish
2018 Ivanhoe Ivanhoe Recommendations: English/Spanish
2018 Willowbrook Willowbrook Recommendations
2018 San Jose McKinley-Bonita San Jose McKinley-Bonita Recommendations: English/Spanish
2018 Hayward Hayward Recommendations: English/Spanish
2018 Altadena Altadena Recommendations: English/Spanish
2018 Santa Barbara Santa Barbara Recommendations: English/Spanish
2018 San Jose Orchard San Jose Orchard Recommendations
2018 Stockton Stockton Recommendations
2018 Watsonville Watsonville Recommendations
2018 Arcata Arcata Recommendations: English/Spanish
2018 Modesto Modesto Recommendations: English/Spanish
2018 Fresno Fresno Recommendations: English/Spanish
2018 Lemon Grove Lemon Grove Recommendations: English/Spanish
2018 Eureka Eureka Recommendations
2018 Bakersfield Bakersfield Recommendations
2018 Quartz Valley Indian Reservation Quartz Valley Indian Reservation Recommendations
2018 Arvin Arvin Recommendations: English/Spanish
2018 Arden-Arcade Arden-Arcade Recommendations
2017 Blue Lake Blue Lake Recommendations
2017 Lompoc Lompoc Recommendations
2017 Florence-Firestone Florence-Firestone Recommendations: English/Spanish
2017 Oakland Oakland Recommendations
2017 Palermo Palermo Recommendations
2017 Rosemont Rosemont Recommendations
2017 Azusa Azusa Recommendations: English/Spanish
2017 Cudahy Cudahy Recommendations: English/Spanish
2017 East Bakersfield East Bakersfield Recommendations
2017 Merced Merced Recommendations: English/Spanish
2017 Missouri Flat-El Dorado Missouri Flat-El Dorado Recommendations
2017 North Shore North Shore Recommendations: English/Spanish
2017 Pomona Pomona Recommendations: English/Spanish
2017 San Gabriel San Gabriel Recommendations
2017 Sanger Sanger Recommendations
2017 West Long Beach West Long Beach Recommendations
2017 Orange Cove Orange Cove Recommendations
2017 Southwest Fresno Southwest Fresno Recommendations: English/Spanish
2016 El Monte El Monte Recommendations: EnglishSpanish/Espanol
2016 Modesto Modesto Recommendations: EnglishSpanish/Espanol
2016 Shasta Lake Shasta Lake Recommendations
2016 Los Angeles (Chinatown) Los Angeles (Chinatown) Recommendations
2015 Hoopa Valley Tribe Hoopa Valley Tribe Recommendations
2015 McKinleyville McKinleyville Recommendations
2015 Pasadena Pasadena Recommendations
2015 Redding Redding Recommendations
2015 Ukiah Ukiah Recommendations
2015 Tule River Tribe Tule River Recommendations
2015 Fresno Fresno Recommendations: EnglishSpanish/Espanol
2015 Crenshaw and Liemert Park Crenshaw and Leimert Park Recommendations
2015 Pacoima Pacoima Recommendations: EnglishSpanish/Espanol
2014 Parlier Parlier Recommendations
2014 Glendale Glendale RecommendationsCity's Revised Recommendations
2014 South Sacramento South Sacramento Recommendations
2013 Paradise Paradise Recommendations
2011 Berkeley Berkeley Recommendations
2010 Salinas Salinas Recommendations
2010 Long Beach Long Beach Recommendations
2010 Eureka Eureka Recommendations
2010 Burlingame Burlingame Recommendations
2009 East Oakland East Oakland Recommendations
2009 Santa Barbara Santa Barbara Recommendations
2009 Los Angeles (Crenshaw) Los Angeles (Crenshaw) Recommendations
2009 Stockton Stockton Recommendations
2009 Delano Delano Recommendations
2009 Santa Ana Santa Ana Recommendations
2009 Glendale Glendale Recommendations