SafeTREC Task Force and Committee Membership

SafeTREC faculty and staff are members of a diverse range of transportation safety related task forces and committees at the national, state, and regional level.

State Task Force and Committee Membership

California Impaired Driving Task Force (CIDTF)

Katherine Chen

California Teen Safe Driving Coalition (CATSDC)

Jarah Crowner

California Walk & Bike Technical Advisory Committee (CWBTAC)

Julia Griswold

Crash Medical Outcomes Data (CMOD) Advisory Committee

SangHyouk Oum

SHSP Focus Area: Pedestrian and Bicycle

Katherine Chen

SHSP Steering Committee


Traffic Records Coordinating Committee (TRCC)

SangHyouk Oum

TRCC California Strategic Traffic Safety Data Plan (CSTSDP) Sub-Committee

SangHyouk Oum

Regional Task Force and Committee Membership

Bay Area Vision Zero Working Group

SangHyouk Oum