Pedestrian and Bicyclist Exposure

Pedestrian and Bicyclist Exposure Research Projects

SafeTREC research in progress

Explore our current research projects on pedestrian and bicyclist exposure modeling.

California SHS Pedestrian Exposure Model

Figure of direct demand modeling process

This project aims to develop one of the first statewide pedestrian exposure models for the California State Highway System. This model was estimated within a direct demand modeling framework. Learn more.

Research Team: Julia B. Griswold, Aditya Medury, Robert J. Schneider, Dave Amos and Offer Grembek.

Expansion Factors

Figure of statewide counts by duration (hours)

Count expansion methods are a useful tool for creating long-term pedestrian or cyclist volume estimates from short-term counts for safety analysis or planning purposes. Expansion factors can be developed based on the trends from automated counters set up for long periods of time. Evidence has shown that the activity patterns can vary between sites so that there is potential to create more accurate estimates by grouping similar long-term count trends into factor groups. Learn more.

Research Team: Julia B. Griswold, Aditya Medury, Louis Huang, Robert J. Schneider and Offer Grembek.

Statistical Support for the Development of the District 1 Active Transportation Census ProgramBicyclist traveling down bike lane near the California Coast.

California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) District 1 proposes to develop a statistically robust bicycle and pedestrian census network to elucidate active transportation volumes, travel patterns, and temporal trends. The census network will be paired with a big data platform to allow estimation of volumes on all road/trails across the entire District for the first time. The census network design will be optimized to maximize information utility and minimize cost. The overall network design approach will be scalable to facilitate adoption by other Caltrans districts. Learn more.

Research Team: Alexander Skabardonis, Michael Mauch, Philip Stark, Julia Griswold, and Krista Nordback.