Pedestrian Injury/Fatality: Impact of Ethnicity and Low Income

Pedestrian Injury/Fatality: Impact of Ethnicity and Low Income—A Research Synthesis of the Literature

Research Team

Principal Investigator
David R. Ragland
University of California, Berkeley

Funding Organization

UC Berkeley Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS)


This project will conduct a thorough review of articles/reports documenting risk patterns for pedestrian injury for Black, Hispanic, and Native American populations, including data sources (FARS or SWITRS, hospital data, etc.), main findings, limitations, and reports that address the interaction of ethnicity and income. Additionally, potential under-reporting will be discussed and evaluated, and solutions to reduce pedestrian injury among these populations will be reviewed. As part of this project, researchers will consult with officials of local and state transportation agencies as well as community groups that have a stake in safety and mobility in their communities. Researchers will also participate in webinars set up by ITS, prepare a paper for the Transportation Research Board (TRB), and communicate findings in several statewide safety-oriented committees SafeTREC participates in.