Safe System Training Academy

Safe System Training Academy

Research Team

Principal Investigator
Offer Grembek
University of California, Berkeley

Funding Organization

UC Berkeley Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS)


While the overarching objective of the transportation system is to provide mobility, it should be delivered subject to a set of moral imperatives. A major consideration in this respect is the responsibility to establish an equitable system on which no road user can suffer catastrophic outcomes. The California Strategic Highway Safety Plan has adopted the Safe System approach as a core component of its forthcoming plan. However, this pivot represents a change in how traffic safety is done at the state level and requires enhancements across all stakeholders. The essence of this project is to develop the foundation of a Safe System academy that would provide training services to various stakeholders across the state. Achieving the goals of the project would provide an opportunity for California to more intentionally pursue activities that are needed to implement a Safe System framework.