Tribal Road Safety Program

UC Berkeley SafeTREC has been working since 2014 on a variety of projects to improve transportation safety for California’s tribal populations, as well as for all population groups that travel to California’s Rancherias and reservations or through their lands.

Young man with skateboard on Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation roadPhoto credit: Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation, Tony Dang, California Walks

Tribal Road Safety Program


Active Transportation Needs Assessments with California Native American Tribes
SafeTREC in partnership with the National Indian Justice Center (NIJC) and the Cher-Ae Heights Indian Community of the Trinidad Rancheria will conduct Active Transportation Needs Assessments for a limited number of California Native American Tribes. These assessments will document current and projected needs and safety concerns of pedestrians and bicyclists (including connections with transit where applicable) in the participating tribal communities; the existing conditions of roadway, pedestrian, bicycle, and infrastructure facilities; and recommended short-term and long-term improvements (infrastructure and non-infrastructure). Learn more about this project.

Improving Transportation Infrastructure on Tribal Lands Using Crowdsourcing Data
The goal of this project is to reduce traffic crash injures and fatalities by all users of roads on and near tribal lands in California by tailoring an existing crowdsourcing application to enable tribal communities to improve transportation safety, education, and emergency response times.  The project team will collect motor vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycle crash data that are not currently being documented by tribal or other law enforcement agencies by crowdsourcing method and will guide use of the data to improve road safety and mobility in and around tribal communities in the State. Learn more about this project.

Tribal Road Safety Data Collection
Since 2014, SafeTREC has collaborated with the National Indian Justice Center (NIJC) to provide guidance and assistance to California tribes to improve the quality and quantity of traffic collision data collected on and near tribal areas, address the issue of under-reporting of crash data, conduct training and provide technical assistance to tribal enforcement agencies, and facilitate crash data collection and analysis. Learn more about this project.

Tribal Transportation Safety Assessment (TTSA) State Planning Research (SPR)
UC Berkeley SafeTREC in collaboration with National Indian Justice Center (NIJC) has embarked on a new project, Tribal Transportation Safety Assessment (TTSA) - State Planning Research (SPR), funded by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), Division of Transportation Planning (DOTP), and the Native American Liaison Branch (NALB). This project will provide California Native American Tribal Governments with expert, focused, and independent Tribal Transportation Safety Assessments (TTSA). Learn more about this project.


Tribal Crash Data Tool
Are you interested in learning more about how SafeTREC is working to improve tribal road safety with the development of tools and resources? Be sure to visit our Tribal Crash Data Tool page for details on our tribal data tool that provides tribes with access to Statewide Integrated Traffic Record System (SWITRS) data and features for mapping and analyses of data related to their tribal areas.

Tribal Street Story Tool
UC Berkeley SafeTREC has adapted its Street Story tool for use in and by Tribal communities in California. Street Story is an online engagement platform that allows residents to collect information on transportation collisions, near misses, hazards, and safe places to travel.  The Tribal Street Story tool will allow for the collection of community-generated data on road conditions and transportation safety issues in and near tribal lands.



Transportation Safety Funding Opportunities for California Tribes

NEW! Tribes in California can obtain funding for transportation safety improvements from the following sources. Note details for for program application deadlines and upcoming informational webinars:

If you would like assistance in preparing analyses for proposals, please contact UC Berkeley SafeTREC at

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