MIRE FDE Data Governance, Data Collection, and Integration

MIRE FDE Data Governance, Data Collection, and Integration

Research Team

Jill Cooper
Offer Grembek
Afsaneh Yavari
SangHyouk Oum
Hadi Soueidan
Greg Harasym

Funding Organization

California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)

Project Description

Under the federal transportation act, all states will need to have a publically accessed and maintained data system in place that can be used to perform safety analyses on the Model Inventory of Roadway Elements, Fundamental Data Elements (MIRE FDE) on all public roads. All states must have a set of MIRE FDE collected on all state, local, and tribal roads by September 30, 2026 to be compliant. To meet this mandate, Caltrans has contracted with UC Berkeley SafeTREC to work with Caltrans, as well as tribal, regional and local agencies to develop a pilot plan for how these MIRE FDE will be collected, maintained, and shared. 

Research tasks include:Graphic of Tasks Overview

  1. Working with stakeholder representatives to provide input into a pilot plan to collect the MIRE FDE data;
  2. Conducting a survey on MIRE FDE data governance, data integration, data collection methods, and data gaps;
  3. Providing input to and feedback on a gap analysis report, cost analysis, and data quality control plan; and
  4. Partnering with Caltrans to establish a draft plan for collection and sharing of MIRE FDE.

Background Resources:

Completed Reports and Resources