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Transportation Safety Management Research Projects

SafeTREC research in progress

Explore our current research projects on transportation safety management.

An Enhanced Systemic Approach to Safety

Graph of systemic pedestrian matrix developed by SafeTREC for Caltrans

The traditional, transportation safety management approach involves the identification of crash hotspots, in which public agencies prioritize locations eligible for safety improvements based on historical crash concentrations. This project presents an enhanced systemic approach which consists of targeting blanket improvements at sites across a road network based on specific roadway features that are associated with a particular crash type. The systemic approach uses historical crash data to identify the types of roadways that suffer from recurring safety concerns, designating it as reactive to data, but also provides a mechanism to make improvements to sites that have not experienced many—or any—crashes in a proactive manner. Learn more.

Research Team: Offer Grembek and Libby Thomas.

Data Requirements for Safety Screening

Figure 1 illustration of different API-based speed limit evaluations

The primary goal of this project was to assess knowledge gaps for the development of safety performance functions (SPFs) and supplement this information with a thorough review of additional data sources both within and outside of Caltrans. The objective was to develop a roadmap for a data collection plan to facilitate better SPF model estimation, which in turn facilitates better network screening. Learn more.

Research Team: Aditya Medury, Venky Shankar, Offer Grembek and Bor-Wen Tsai.

Development and Implementation of Safety Performance Functions

Figure 2 of Road Safety Management Process

This project aims to develop a network screening tool for the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). Safety performance functions (SPFs) will be developed and incorporated into the tool for network screening purposes to identify high crash concentration locations (HCCLs). Learn more.

Research Team: Aditya Medury, Praveen Vayalamkuzhi, SangHyouk Oum, Offer Grembek, Camille Salem and Lin Yang.