Understanding Micromobility Safety Behavior

R26: Understanding Micromobility Safety Behavior and Standardizing Safety Metrics for Transportation System Integration

Research Team

Principal Investigator
Christopher Cherry
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Co-Principal Investigators
Laura Sandt
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Susan Shaheen
University of California, Berkeley

Funding Organization

Collaborative Sciences Center for Road Safety (CSCRS)

SummaryMicromobility coding poster

The purpose of this study is to accelerate shared learning around micromobility safety impacts and to fast-track improvements to injury surveillance of emerging modes such as e-scooters and related micromobility devices (e-bikes, electric skateboards, hoverboards, etc.) used on and around city streets, etc. The primary aim will be vehicles in shared mobility systems. Specific tasks will include:

  • Establish available data sources to support safety evaluations across multiple geographies.
  • Engage stakeholders, examine current practices, and identify approaches to enhance injury surveillance systems.
  • Development and deployment of a behavior-oriented survey instrument.
  • Formulate data structure for continuous tracking and analysis of micromobility sharing safety.

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