Street Story

Street Story: Results from Kern County Pilot

February 11, 2019

Demonstration of Street Story in Bakersfield

This past year, the Street Story team worked with local agencies, media and organizations in Kern County to pilot test Street Story. We partnered with Bike Bakersfield to hold a community...

Register Now for Street Story Webinar on February 5th

January 28, 2019

Registration Now Open for a Free Webinar from the Active Transportation Resource Center (ATRC):

Walk Assessment in Willowbrook

Street Story: A Platform for Community Engagement
Tuesday, February 5, 2019, 10am - 11am PT

Street Story Pilot

June 22, 2018

Crash data is readily available and accessible for public use through government information databases. Crash data typically entails vehicle-related injuries and fatalities that were reported to police authorities. But what about unreported incidents--incidents that only require exchange of contact and insurance information, incidents that may not involve an injury or injuries that might not have been reported? As a way to understand perceptions and experiences of safety in communities, UC Berkeley SafeTREC is developing an online data tool that allows people to self-report...

Street Story: Mapping Transportation Safety Issues

December 27, 2017

Low-income groups, people with disabilities, seniors, and communities of color are at higher risk of being injured while walking and biking. Information on the safety needs of these groups is also limited.

To address these challenges, a team from SafeTREC is creating Street Story, an online platform that will allow the public to report transportation safety issues in their community. Residents will be able to enter various types of information, such as photos, voice recordings, near-misses and perceptions of dangerous areas for walking and bicycling. This will...

Final week of Street Story pilot

July 2, 2018

Street Story Outreach

SafeTREC's newest data analysis tool, Street Story, is in its final pilot week. To quickly recap, Street Story is an online data tool that allows people to self-report incidents, near-misses and transportation safety issues. It was...

Street Story in Bakersfield

August 29, 2018

This summer, the Street Story team worked with local agencies in Bakersfield and the organization, Bike Bakersfield, to collect community feedback about street safety issues and opportunities in the area.

Demonstration of Street Story in Bakersfield

Community members had the opportunity to get hands-on experience...