Evaluate the Causes of Pedestrian and Bicyclist Traffic Fatalities and Injuries, and Establish Appropriate Countermeasures for Use in California


The three primary objectives of this project were to: (1) conduct research on existing bicycle and pedestrian safety programs and guidelines in the U.S. and internationally, (2) obtain and analyze existing data related to pedestrian and bicycle safety in California, and (3) assist in developing methodologies for producing safety action plans, identifying and selecting projects, conducting education campaigns, and targeting enforcement campaigns. To meet these objectives, SafeTREC developed a set of resources and tools for use in California. These resources make information and data on pedestrian injuries and fatalities in CA accessible to practitioners, researchers, and anyone else interested in obtaining information and improving conditions for pedestrians. The deliverables are individually summarized and included as appendices. These resources should be further developed and maintained to remain useful and appropriate.

Publication date: 
May 1, 2010
Publication type: 
Technical Report