Engagement of Latine Communities in Transportation Safety



Public participation in government is a foundation of democracy; however, it exists on a spectrum. In the field of transportation, decision-makers may seek information by simply making public announcements to invite input. Alternatively, governments devote resources to conduct thoughtful and extensive outreach to seek meaningful input. Recently, professionals and policymakers have considered an equity approach not only to reach and engage a diverse, representative group of community members, but to develop plans, projects, and policies that are inclusive of the community. Engaging Latine1 communities requires rethinking traditional engagement and developing strategies that have considerations for the range of factors that shape this diverse community’s experience, including culture, social inequities, and socio- and geopolitical factors. This brief highlights a few best practices for engaging Latine communities.

Ana Lopez
Jill F. Cooper
Publication date: 
September 30, 2021
Publication type: 
Policy Brief