Safe Routes for Older Adults Guide


Whether rural, suburban or urban dweller, transportation is a critical lifeline to meet the needs of daily living, maintain independence and enable social connection.

Walking and bicycling are important transportation alternatives to motor vehicle travel. They are also important sources of physical activity and social connectedness. Creating and/or enhancing environments to be more supportive of walking and bicycling has been a significant initiative within the transportation and health communities for over a decade, with important progress in many locations. Rates of walking and bicycling are up in California, and active transportation policies have become more institutionalized at the state and local level (e.g., Caltrans’ “Toward An Active California State Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan” and the City of Los Angeles Complete Streets Design Guide).

With the increased focus on walking and bicycling comes opportunities to improve the safety of the transportation environment for all users. This guide provides communities with background information on walking and bicycling safety for older adults and tools to make transportation in California communities age-friendly for all.

Cooper, Jill F.
Ana Lopez
Publication date: 
April 25, 2018
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