Promoting Research Results and New Technologies: Making the Case for Accelerated Deployment


Deploying innovations in transportation products and services to Stage 5 of the product development process represents a growing challenge for the California Department of Transportation’s (Caltrans) Division of Research and Innovation (DRI). This technical agreement focused on communicating the promise of select products and services through outreach and promotion in an effort to gain broader knowledge, understanding, and acceptance of the innovations leading to their adoption by Caltrans and the transportation community at-large. Attention is given to outreach and promotion of ROSA-CRP which addresses integration of traffic collision data packaged in a web-based analysis tool utilizing the Continuous Risk Profile approach to improve identification of high collision concentration locations, and the California Center for Innovative Transportation’s (CCIT) portfolio of Caltrans sponsored projects including the Mobile Century and Mobile Millennium projects that opened the door to the use of GPS smart phones as traffic probes for determining real-time traffic flows.

Publication date: 
July 1, 2011
Publication type: 
Technical Report