Estimating Bicycle and Pedestrian Demand in San Diego


This paper introduces the concepts behind estimating bicycle and pedestrian demand and provides an example of the development of a sketch-plan method for estimating bicycle and pedestrian demand from land use in San Diego County. The paper describes the methodology involved in collecting counts for the currently ongoing Seamless Travel project. The Seamless Travel project intends to develop a model for estimating bicycle and pedestrian demand within San Diego County. The project methodology includes conducting bicycle and pedestrian counts and intercept surveys over a two-year period throughout the County and evaluating the effects that socio-demographic factors and physical factors have on walking and biking rates within the County. The project is funded by Caltrans Division of Innovation and Research and is being conducted by the Traffic Safety Center of University of California Berkeley and Alta Planning + Design. 

Publication date: 
April 1, 2008
Publication type: 
Conference Paper