Crowdsourcing Data to Improve Tribal Transportation Safety

Improving Transportation Infrastructure on Tribal Lands Using Crowdsourcing Data

The goal of this project is to reduce traffic crash injuries and fatalities by all users of roads on and near tribal lands in California by tailoring an existing crowdsourcing application to enable tribal communities to improve transportation safety, education, and emergency response times.  The project team will collect motor vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycle crash data that are not currently being documented by tribal or other law enforcement agencies by crowdsourcing method and will guide the use of the data to improve road safety and mobility in and around tribal communities in the State. 

The project will tailor an existing Web-based crowdsourcing application called Street Story to obtain, store, and interpret community-generated data on road conditions and safety improvements, safety enforcement and education, and EMS response times for crashes that occur in and around tribal communities. 

Collage showing sample entry to Tribal Street Story and participants on walk assessment in Tribal Community

Sample entry to Tribal Street Story and participants on walk assessment in Tribal Community

Crowdsourcing is a data collection method that uses collective knowledge to meet organizational or research-oriented goals.  This method is used to gather information, solve problems, and generate and prioritize ideas.  Crowdsourcing requires community involvement to collect data, and outcomes generated from this approach must directly benefit that community. 

Tribal Street Story collects local, qualitative information about transportation safety that is often not present in traditional transportation safety datasets, then creates publicly accessible, downloadable maps and tables that can be used by agencies, organizations, and members of the public to better understand local safety issues and to engage community members.

This project was funded by a grant from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF).