Transportation Injury Mapping System (TIMS)

The Transportation Injury Mapping System (TIMS) has been developed by SafeTREC's GIS Program team to provide quick, easy and free access to California crash data that has been geo-coded to make it easy to map out crashes and even view the locations in Google Street View.

The following tools are currently available on TIMS:

  • SWITRS Query & Map
  • SHSP Data Viewer
  • SRTS Map Viewer
  • ATP Maps & Summary Data
  • Motorcycle Collision Map Viewer



SWITRS Query & Map

The purpose of this tool is to allow basic querying and mapping of fatal or injury collisions in the California Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS). Users can select by time frame, location, and other collision factors to produce a subset table from SWITRS.

The associated collision, party and victim data files can be downloaded. There is also the option to create a pin map of the collisions in Google Maps.


The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) style map provides a more map-centric approach to viewing and querying the SWITRS fatal and injury collision data.  Users select a county and then have the ability to perform the same query actions in the SWITRS Query & Map tool.

There are also options to symbolize the collisions by different types, show other spatial information layers (census tracts, traffic analysis zones, schools, etc.), and spatially select collisions to download using standard GIS operations. 

SHSP Data Viewer

The California Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) guides safety activities for all users on all public roadways in California.  More information on the program can be found here: As part of SHSP, different challenge areas have been developed to address issues related to specific types of road users or collisions. 

The purpose of this SHSP Data Viewer tool is to provide an interactive experience to visualize summaries and trends for the challenge areas over the years.  The tool provides a summary map by county, annual trends, crash and victim counts, and an individual point collision map for a county to view and download the actual collision data.

Safe Routes to School Collision Map Viewer

The Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Collision Map Viewer provides a simple means to explore pedestrian and bicycle collisions near public schools in California. Users can select a county/city/school or an address and then show collisions by injury severity. 

A map and list of collisions are displayed along with quarter and half mile buffer zones around the school. Public school data was obtained from the California Department of Education.

ATP Maps & Summary Data

The ATP Maps & Summary Data tool is designed to support the California Active Transportation Program (ATP), as well as active transportation users and practitioners throughout California. 

The tool utilizes interactive collision maps to allow users to track and document pedestrian and bicycle collisions and generate data summaries within specified project and/or community limits. 

Active Transportation Plan Tool Graphic

Motorcycle Collision Map Viewer

The Motorcycle Collision Map Viewer provides a simple means to explore motorcycle collisions in California. Users can view motorcycle collisions for a city or unincorporated county area and toggle by collision severity or alcohol involvement.

The results are summarized in the map and in a list of collisions. The individual collision locations can be seen in a Google Street View profile page or downloaded in a spreadsheet.

To use the site, simply create an account and log in using the password that will be instantly emailed to your inbox.