New TIMS feature: Users can now provide feedback on crash location errors

July 28, 2021

UC Berkeley SafeTREC’s Transportation Injury Mapping System (TIMS) has been developed to provide quick, easy and free access to California crash data from the Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS) that has been geo-coded to make it easy for users to query, map, and download collision data.

Graphic showing thumbnails of the 7 mapping tools on TIMS

Suite of tools available on TIMS

As part of an ongoing effort to support local and state agencies efforts to improve traffic safety, a new feature is now available that enables users to provide feedback of location errors for geocoded SWITRS records and suggest the correct location.

A collision mapped for an intersection in Berkeley displaying the pop up window and new feature "Fix Location"

Collision information for intersection in Berkeley, CA showing the new "Fix Location" feature

Screenshot of pop up window for reporting a location error at the Berkeley intersection

Pop up window enabling users to report a location error at an intersection in Berkeley, CA

User provided feedback on reported location errors will be reviewed manually and updated to TIMS accordingly. The new feature can be accessed from any of the TIMS tools by clicking "Fix location" from the crash popup window or from the Collision Details page. 

Visit the TIMS website to learn more.