Improving Transportation Infrastructure on Tribal Lands Using Crowd Sourcing Data

September 22, 2022

SafeTREC Presents in RWJF Pioneering Ideas Monthly Forum

On Wednesday, September 21, 2022 SafeTREC Research & Development Engineer Afsaneh Yavari and Co-Director David Ragland presented, "Improving Transportation Infrastructure on Tribal Lands Using Crowdsourcing Data" as part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Pioneering Ideas Monthly Forum. The Forum is part of the Pioneering Ideas Grantee Gathering Place.

Session OverviewOpening slide for the RWJF presentation, "Improving Transportation Infrastructure on Tribal Lands Using Crowd Sourcing Data"

We will make a presentation about our work, in which we are conducting outreach to CA Tribal communities to introduce methods for participating in decision making with regard to transportation safety on Tribal lands. We do this by conducting transportation safety assessments for CA Tribes, working with Tribal communities to identify the transportation safety needs and with the Tribal leaders to identify infrastructure improvements for walking and bicycling. As motor vehicle injuries disproportionately affect Tribal communities, providing safer infrastructure for biking and walking is imperative toward improving health and wellness for all Tribal members.

The Improving Transportation Infrastructure on Tribal Lands Using Crowdsourcing Data Project

The goal of this project, funded by a grant from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), is to reduce traffic crash injuries and fatalities by all users of roads on and near Tribal lands in California by tailoring an existing crowdsourcing application to enable Tribal communities to improve transportation safety, education, and emergency response times. Learn more about the project and SafeTREC's Tribal Road Safety Program.