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2021 Transportation Safety Video Series

October 26, 2021

Since 2019, UC Berkeley SafeTREC has produced a yearly series of brief videos showcasing current and timely transportation safety issues and the research being done at the Center. Click on the links below to explore our latest 2021 series!

City street scene in black and white with people walking and biking, while two lanes of cars wait at an intersection

The role of perception of safety: including the voices of all road users

There is the built environment in which we live and there is the way we perceive the built environment. Traffic safety professionals rely primarily on collision data and injury reports to assess the safety for travelers in an area, but these sources do not provide the whole story about people’s perceptions of safety within a space. Narrated by SafeTREC's Aqshems Nichols, this video features Charles T. Brown, founder and principal of Equitable Cities, Warren Logan, Policy Director of Mobility and Inter Agency Relations with the City of Oakland, and Esther Rivera, Deputy Director with Together Toward Health, talking about the importance of understanding the people and stories behind crash data.

Animated still showing a neighborhood street with a bus stop, bike lane, trees, and shop in the background, with a bus route sign displayed at bus stop.

Transportation as a basic need: the connection between food security and safe transportation

Most of us would simply think of transportation as a means to get from one place to another. But transportation is really related to the basic activities and needs of our daily lives. And so things like going to school or work, traveling to health care, and visiting with friends or family are what really compel us to travel. So what happens when the journey to these activities is unsafe? Narrated by SafeTREC's Kate Gosselin, this video explores how safe and accessible transportation is a basic need and critical for accessing healthy food.

Riya Young, CSCRS Summer 2019 Fellow and Public Health graduate student is pictured during Zoom interview with a background view of students at UC Berkeley Doe Library and the Campanile

Collaborative Sciences Center for Road Safety (CSCRS) Fellows at UC Berkeley SafeTREC

UC Berkeley SafeTREC is a part of the Collaborative Sciences Center for Road Safety (CSCRS), a national university transportation center whose mission is to create and exchange knowledge to advance transportation safety through a multidisciplinary, systems-based approach. To promote educational and professional development, SafeTREC has offered the CSCRS Road Safety Graduate Student Fellowship since 2017 to students from a wide variety of academic disciplines who are interested in conducting traffic safety research. In this video, Alejo Alvarado, Riya Young, and Ibrahim Itani describe the research they conducted under their CSCRS fellowship.

A group of six Lime scooters on a sidewalk in Oakland with the subtitle "Electric Scooters (or E-Scooters)" in the foreground

The Changing Mobility Landscape: E-Scooter Safety

We’ve got places to go and people to meet. That’s why we travel. The means by which we have traveled in cities has varied from horses and wagons, all the way to walking, wheelchairs, buses, cars, and bikes. We don’t know how we will travel in the future but what we do know is that people will continue to have places to go and people to meet. And we need to make sure that people travel safely without bodily harm. Narrated by SafeTREC's Aqshems Nichols, this video features Anh Nguyen, ADA Programs Manager with the City of Oakland, and explores the evolving mobility landscape, the benefits and safety challenges of micromobility devices like e-scooters, and how to meet goals around safety, accessibility and equity.

Two women and a young boy on a walk assessment in Muscoy, CA

Community Engagement for Safe Streets: During COVID and Beyond

This video features Transportation Safety Advocates Rosa and Angela Loera from the community of Muscoy, CA, Wendy Ortiz, Programs Director with California Walks, and Jennifer Donlan Wyant, Transportation Planning Manager with the City of Sacramento, and discusses the importance of authentic community engagement, the value of building positive and lasting community relationships, and how to improve the community engagement process to advance traffic safety and create meaningful change.

Funding for these videos is provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Group photo of participants in a community bike ride event in Oakland, CA

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