Explore our new California Traffic Safety Dashboard

April 2, 2024

UC Berkeley SafeTREC is excited to announce the launch of our new California Traffic Safety Dashboard, a series of tools designed to allow users to visualize crash data and traffic safety activities in conjunction with demographics in California. 

California Traffic Safety Dashboard - do your own analysis or visualize traffic safety at a glance

The following Tools are currently available: 


Traffic Safety and Equity Overview
The Traffic Safety and Equity Overview Tool consists of a series of dashboards that allow users to access both detailed crash and demographic information on the region of choice while also ranking different geographic regions by various fatality and serious injury metrics.

Screenshot of the home page of the Traffic Safety and Equity Overview Tool
Safety Heat Map
The Safety Heat Map allows for a more detailed analysis by creating interactive heat maps utilizing crash and demographic data as well as traffic safety improvement activities in California.
Screenshot of a sample report for the Heat Map displaying results for the number of crashes per 1k income in Alameda
OTS Grants Clearinghouse
the OTS Grants Clearinghouse serves as a platform where California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) officials and grantees can access historical grant data.
Screenshot of a search results for OTS grants activities in the 2023 fiscal year

Funding for this program was provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.