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Applications Now Open for the 2021 Complete Streets Safety Assessment (CSSA) Program

January 26, 2021

SafeTREC is offering free Complete Streets Safety Assessments (CSSAs) to California communities, including cities, counties, and school campuses with a population of over 2,500 people. CSSAs are comprehensive transportation safety assessments that focus on pedestrian and bicycle safety. They help local agencies identify and implement traffic safety solutions that lead to improved safety for all users of California’s roadways.

The Complete Streets Safety Assessment (CSSA)

When a local agency...

Online version of Street Story now available in Spanish

November 25, 2020

Exciting news! The online version of Street Story is now available in English and Spanish. Also, a paper version of Street Story is available in English and View of report in the Spanish version of the Street Story toolSpanish. To access the Spanish version, click here.

La versión en línea de Street Story...

Register now for 11/12 webinar: "Exploring Pandemic-Era Data Trends and Policy Implications"

November 9, 2020
UC Berkeley SafeTREC's Offer Grembek to present in upcoming virtual safety series about community-based traffic safety data & approaches during a pandemic

Graphic of the Traffic Safety Series flyer

The Southern California Association of Governments and its Go...

New Release: 2020 SafeTREC Traffic Safety Fact Sheets

September 30, 2020
2020 SafeTREC Traffic Safety Fact Sheets feature recent data on some of California's most pressing traffic safety issues to help inform future road safety efforts during the pandemic
COVID-19 and Traffic Safety

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a series of public health measures to keep communities safe, like the stay at home order and physical distancing orders affecting operations of schools, restaurants, retail, and other non essential businesses. ...

Pedestrian Safety Month During COVID-19

September 18, 2020
September is Pedestrian Safety Month!

This year's Pedestrian Safety month looks very different during COVID-19, with communities practicing social distancing, essential workers traveling to their work while others work from home, students are returning to school virtually, and in some cases activities are resuming and businesses are reopening as it is safe to do so. In the midst of this, the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) is encouraging all of us to look out for one another.

"It comes down to awareness, education...

Register now for September 15th webinar: Expanding the Bike Network in Kern County

September 10, 2020
Join us for the next Focus Cities webinar!

Graphic of new design for the Friant Kern Canal Multi-Use Path

DATE: Tuesday, September 15, 2020
TIME: 3pm - 4pm PDT

Join Bike Bakersfield and leaders...

New Research Highlight: Commercial vehicles, fatigue, parking, and safety

August 30, 2020

UC Berkeley SafeTREC is excited to share a new research highlight by research analyst Katherine Gosselin, "Commercial vehicles, fatigue, parking, and safety."

New research highlight focuses on the public health and road safety hazards of commercial driver operator fatigue and not having access to truck parking

For commercial drivers, operator fatigue and parking in undesignated areas can result in dangerous collisions. Exacerbating this issue is a lack of freight truck parking, making it difficult for truck operators to find a safe spot when in need of rest. For bicyclists and...

Community Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Training (CPBST) Program Workshop Follow-Up Survey Highlights

Chen, Katherine L.
Kuroda, Kaori

The Community Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Training Program (CPBST) is a joint effort of the University of California Berkeley’s Safe Transportation Research and Education Center (UCB SafeTREC) and California Walks (Cal Walks). Founded in 2009, the Community Pedestrian Safety Training program was expanded in 2016 to include bicycle safety improvements. The purpose of the CPBST is to:

Educate local residents and safety advocates on how to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety; Empower community partners to advocate for safety improvements in their neighborhoods; and Strengthen...

Media Narratives of Pedestrian & Bicyclist-Involved Crashes

Polovin, Marta
Pedestrian & bicyclist-involved crashes have been increasing throughout the United States. Previous research has shown that media and popular discourse disproportionately blames pedestrians and cyclists for their own injuries and/or deaths, while obscuring the role of motorists in these crashes and ignoring the broader road safety context (like infrastructure and speed limits). Recent research highlights how media framing of these crashes can affect perceptions of cause, influencing public opinion about responsibility and consequences, and demonstrates the need for comprehensive and...

Commercial vehicles, fatigue, parking and safety

Gosselin, Katherine
For commercial drivers, operator fatigue and parking in undesignated areas can result in dangerous collisions. Exacerbating this issue is a lack of freight truck parking, making it difficult for truck operators to find a safe spot when in need of rest. For bicyclists and pedestrians, loading and unloading commercial vehicles in downtowns also present hazards. Increasing the availability of legal truck parking could improve safety for all road users.