Bicycle safety

2020 SafeTREC Traffic Safety Facts: Bicycle Safety

Chen, Katherine L.
Tsai, Bor-Wen
Fortin, Garrett
Cooper, Jill F.

Bicycling is becoming more popular across the country for commuting, exercise, and leisure. However, in the event of a traffic crash between a motor vehicle and a bicyclist, the bicyclist is the more vulnerable party and more likely to be injured or killed than a motor vehicle occupant. In 2018, there were 857 bicyclists killed in a traffic crash in the United States. In citing concern about the level of bicycle fatalities, the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) identified key recommendations for improving safety, including collection of better crash data, increased training for...

New Release: California Traffic Safety Survey 2020

July 22, 2020

UC Berkeley SafeTREC is excited to release the California Traffic Safety Survey 2020 led by Ewald & Wasserman Research Consultants (E&W). This study was conducted on behalf of the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) and the Safe Transportation Research and Education Center (SafeTREC) at the University of California, Berkeley.

Overview of the 2020 Study

The California Statewide Public Opinion Traffic Study is an annual cross-sectional survey of California drivers ages 18 and over regarding their opinions on traffic safety issues such as speeding, distracted driving,...

Media Narratives of Pedestrian & Bicyclist-Involved Crashes

May 20, 2020

UC Berkeley SafeTREC is excited to share a new research highlight by graduate student researcher Marta Polovin, "Media Narratives of Pedestrian & Bicyclist-Involved Crashes."

New research highlight focuses on how media and popular discourse factor into traffic safety perspectives and outcomes. Pedestrian & bicyclist-involved crashes have been increasing throughout the United States. Previous research has shown that media and popular discourse disproportionately blames pedestrians and cyclists for their own injuries and/or deaths, while obscuring the role of motorists in these...

New resource: CPBST Program Workshop Follow-Up Survey Highlights

April 28, 2020

According to the latest traffic safety data from the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS), while traffic fatalities have decreased 8.3% from 3,884 in 2017 to 3,563 in 2018, the safety for those walking and biking in our communities continues to be a concern. In 2018, there were 893 pedestrian fatalities (a 5% decrease from 2017) and 155 bicyclist fatalities (an increase of 6.89% from 2017). Ensuring that our communities are safe for walking, biking and rolling is key for community health...

New Features Added to Street Story Tool

April 20, 2020

Exciting news! Features around micromobility and infrastructure improvements have been added to UC Berkeley SafeTREC’s Street Story, an online community engagement tool that allows residents, community groups and agencies to collect information about transportation collisions, near-misses, general hazards and safe locations to travel. This information is publicly accessible in downloadable maps and tables, and can be easily recorded and shared with community partners....

Bicycle Crash Corridors

A Data-Driven Method to Define and Identify Bicycle Crash Corridors
Research Team:

Dr. Aditya Medury
Dr. Offer Grembek

Funding Organization:

California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)

Study Description:

While spot safety approaches are effective and necessary, they address the safety problem in a reactive manner and on a very small scale. To complement spot identification methods, transportation safety practitioners have shown an increased interest in developing approaches that can also lead to the...

Community Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Trainings Coming Up in March

February 28, 2020

Register now for an upcoming Community Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Training (CPBST) this month in a community near you to identify priorities to make walking and biking safer for everyone - including seniors, students, parents, and people with disabilities! These workshops train neighborhood residents and health, transportation and safety advocates on how to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety to make California communities safer and more pleasant to walk and bike. Refreshments, childcare or child friendly...

Feb. 25th Street Story Workshop in Los Angeles

February 21, 2020
Share your transportation safety stories at upcoming workshop in Los Angeles!

DATE: Tuesday, February 25, 2020Street Story Flyer with image of participants in walk assessment and learning how to use paper version of Street Story.
TIME: 8:30am - 12:30pm

LOCATION: Felicia...