Safe Systems and Vision Zero

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A Framework for the Protective Features of a Safe System

Transportation safety professionals strive to build a system on which no street user can be severally or fatality injured on. To accomplish such a safe system, it is necessary to effectively harness all the core protective opportunities provided by the system. Despite the increasing consensus that this needs to be thought of as a systems problem, the considerations for each of these layers of protection are siloed, and many of the protective features are evaluated in terms of potential lives saved due to a specific improvement. The proposed research will examine what happens when we no longer assume each of the individual components holds a desirable level of protection for a certain circumstance, but that they contribute to a larger joint entity (i.e., the system) that can exhibit the required characteristics or traits (i.e., safe). The conjecture here is that there is a set of protective features that can jointly fulfill the promise of a safe system. Learn more.

Research Team: Offer Grembek.

Structures of Stakeholder Relationships in Making Road Safety Decisions

May of US Network of Road Safety Practice Leaders

Traffic fatalities on U.S. roadways have risen in recent years. Meanwhile, the transportation system and the society it serves is growing increasingly complex. What is needed are systems, tools, and methods that can advance the state of road safety practice. Thus, with the aim of uncovering and accelerating productive cross-sector collaboration and effective safety countermeasure implementation, the R1 research team drew upon Diffusion of Innovations theory and strategies to “design for diffusion” to devise a three-phase exploratory study. Learn more.

Research Team: Seth LaJeunesse, Steve Marshall, and Jill F. Cooper.