Welcome to SafeTREC's new staff, Lucia Ornelas!

SafeTREC welcomes new Policy and Program Analyst Lucia Ornelas

March 1, 2024

Join us in welcoming our new staff member to the SafeTREC team! 

Lucia Ornelas
Policy and Program Analyst

Lucia Ornelas, faces the camera smiling, wearing a grey blazer with a dark maroon turtlenect

Lucia Ornelas is a Policy and Program Analyst at UC Berkeley's Safe Transportation Research and Education Center (SafeTREC) where she supports the Community Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Program and Street Story. Prior to joining SafeTREC, she worked with government and non-profit agencies to provide community outreach and education in infectious disease prevention and harm reduction programs. Through her public health work, Lucia is committed to advancing social justice and racial and health equity.

Lucia holds a Master of Public Health from San José State University and a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences and Community Health from CSU East Bay.

View of the David Brower Center in downtown Berkeley

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