Tribal Road Safety Project

April 20, 2016


SafeTREC has been working on a project to analyze and map tribal road safety data in order to improving road safety for California’s Native American populations. Native American tribal lands may not be able to obtain funding for roadway improvements, for example, due to the lack of available injury data. Improving the quality and quantity of data collected about traffic collisions that occur within the boundaries of these lands, as well as exploring under-reporting and existing infrastructure elements, are necessary steps to obtaining additional support for safety.

SafeTREC is working with the National Indian Justice Center, the Western Tribal Technical Assistance Program, the Native American Advisory Committee, the Strategic Highway Safety Plan, California Office of Traffic Safety and California Department of Transportation on this project. We invite representatives of individual tribes to contact us for more information about traffic safety information on and in the vicinity of their tribal areas.

Learn more about SafeTREC's Tribal Road Safety Data Project.