SafeTREC's Offer Grembek and SangHyouk Oum to present in 2020 UCLA Lake Arrowhead Online Series

October 5, 2020

SafeTREC Co-director Offer Grembek and Applications Program Manager SangHyouk Oum will present in this year's UCLA Lake Arrowhead Symposium, "Not Back to Normal: Mapping a Just Transportation Recovery from COVID-19" on October 21, 2020 in a session on Air Quality, Safety, and Well-Being Consequences of Transportation Impacts. This year's symposium will be a remote learning series that aims to explore transportation conditions before, during, and after COVID-19, and how post-COVID-19 policy and planning responses can lead to more just, equitable, and sustainable transportation systems.

Save-the-Date for Session on Air Quality, Safety, and Well-Being Consequences of Transportation Impacts

Promo graphic for the October 21st session at the 2020 UCLA Lake Arrowhead Symposium

Date: October 21, 2020
Time: 9:30am - 11:30am (PDT)

When millions reduced their travel, local air quality improved and the rate and severity of traffic crashes decreased. But what were the impacts on individual mental health? And what can we learn about the personal psychological utility of travel by understanding the stressors imposed on those without access to a personal vehicle? Also, how are these observed travel changes impacting our understanding of transportation systems, which are derived from modeling and forecasting?


  • Offer Grembek, Co-Director, UC Berkeley SafeTREC
  • Cesunica Ivey, Assistant Professor, UC Riverside College of Engineering Center for Environmental Research and Technology
  • SangHyouk Oum, Applications Program Manager, UC Berkeley SafeTREC
  • Madeline Parker, PhD Student, UC Berkeley

Learn more about this session in this video or visit the symposium website for more details. Registration information is available here. There will be options to register as an Observer (free) and as a Participant ($79 before October 20th!). Scholarships are also available.

About the Symposium

Since 1991, the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Symposium has tackled the connections between transportation, land use, and the environment.  Arrowhead’s diverse and influential group of policymakers, private sector stakeholders, public sector analysts, consultants, advocates, and researchers dive into these pressing policy issues every day. Learn more about the history of the symposium here.