Four Papers Authored by SafeTREC Current and Former Staff & Students Featured in Recent Transportation Research Journal

July 22, 2016

SafeTREC staffers and students regularly make academic contributions to traffic safety research and continue to contribute after they graduate from UCB and head on to academic and professional positions.

Transportation Research Part A, Vol.91: Policy and Practice issue

  1. Combining traffic efficiency and traffic safety in countermeasure selection to improve pedestrian safety at two-way stop controlled intersections(link is external)
    Zhao Yang, Yuanyuan Zhang, Offer Grembek
  2. A data-driven approach to manpower planning at U.S.–Canada border crossings(link is external)
    Mengqiao Yu, Yichuan Ding, Robin Lindsey, Cong Shi
  3. We can all get along: The alignment of driver and bicyclist roadway design preferences in the San Francisco Bay Area(link is external)
    Rebecca L. Sanders
  4. Comparing travel mode and trip chain choices between holidays and weekdays(link is external)
    Liya Yang, Qing Shen, Zhibin Li