Welcome to the Safe Transportation Research and Education Center

We are part of the University of California, Berkeley, affiliated with the School of Public Health and the Institute of Transportation Studies, with additional partnerships with the Department of City and Regional Planning, Public Policy and Transportation Engineering.

Our research is carried out by faculty at UC Berkeley with assistance from post-doctoral scholars, research staff, and graduate student researchers. We also help the California Office of Traffic Safety administer its Sobriety Checkpoint Program and its Community Pedestrian Safety Workshops and support various safety initiatives from other California agencies, Including the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). 

Most recent papers and announcements

This is a presentation from March 2014 of the pedestrian volume and infrastructure data collection project.
This is a presentation made in February 2014 to the Pedestrian Safety Challenge Area (CA 8) of the Strategic Highway Safety Program.

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For those interested in the Safety in Numbers debate. Googl scholar results from http://t.co/dIv77jLlnU
Impact of education programs and research into reasons young drivers text while they drive - http://t.co/Mb1XyUX2it
Louisiana DOT's low-cost counter-measures for crash reduction on local roads http://t.co/i7C1lvFLor
Peer-to-peer teen driver saftey campaign from Montana http://t.co/A7TCYGpON1
Distracted Driving 2012 | NHTSA | Main http://t.co/9qUW4f67vR

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Bike East Bay's Bike Buddy System

Post date: April 16, 2014
Bike East Bay (formerly East Bay Bicycle Coalition) has a longstanding program that matches mentors and mentees to help people incorporate bicycling into their everyday travel choices.