Published articles and additional reports will be added in the near future.

Title Author Date
Observational Study of Cell Phone and Texting Use Among California Drivers 2015 and Comparison to 2011 through 2014 Data Cooper, Jill F, Ragland, David R, Ewald, Katrin, Lisa, Wasserman, Murphy, Christopher J February 1, 2015
A Database for Active Transportation Infrastructure and Volume Proulx, Frank R., Zhang, Yuanyuan PhD, Grembek, Offer November 15, 2014
Complete Streets: From Policy to Practice in the San Francisco Bay Area Pande, Swati M.S., MPP, Martinez, Martin MPP November 15, 2014
Dynamic Programming-based Pedestrian Hotspot Identification Approach  Medury, Aditya, Grembek, Offer November 15, 2014
Variations in Teens' Perception of Risk Factors for Teen Motor Vehicle Collision Injuries Cooper, Jill F, Grembek, Offer, Henk, Russell H. PE, Tisdale, Stacey M. November 14, 2014
Limitations of Data on Cell Phone Involvement in Collisions: A Case Study of California Griswold, Julia B. Corresponding author, Grembek, Offer August 1, 2014
The Analysis of Right-of-way for different road users in China: Passing-Passenger-Unit Versus Passenger-Car-Unit  Xiong, Wen Professor, Zhang, Yuanyuan PhD, Chen, Xiaohong Professor, Jiang, Chao August 1, 2014
Traffic Injury on Tribal Lands in California Ragland, David R, Bigham, John, Oum, Sang Hyouk, Chen, Katherine, Felschundneff, Grace August 1, 2014
Error Consideration for Geocoding Police Reported Collision Data in California Bigham, John, Oum, Sang Hyouk July 25, 2014
Evaluation of the Accuracy of Global Positioning System Coordinates for Collision Locations in California  Bigham, John, Strang, Garrett, Oum, Sang Hyouk July 25, 2014